Wayfaring Wanderer

Twenty-two. Blessed (or cursed...) with inexplicable optimism, fluent sarcasm, and ambition. Inundated with wanderlust, an unfortunate drive for personal perfection, and hopeless romanticism- all tempered by a healthy dose of cynicism. I have a fondness for peppermint tea and bubblegum ice cream, and an addiction to traveling and anything chocolate.

I didn’t think it was possible to get to the point where I am too exhausted to even sleep.

Home home home home home

I am home for Easter for the first time since I moved away and I am so very happy.

Love my job.

The best thing about working at a natural history museum is that all of my coworkers are animal lovers and there is always at least two dogs running around the facility. So even though I can’t have a dog of my own, I still get my fill of dogs at work.

Is “Katherine” really so difficult?

I’ve been called everything from Kate to Katie to Kathy and any other version of Katherine you can think of and I’ll tolerate most of them. But do not - I repeat, do not - call me Kitty or Kat. 

I am not a feline, thank you very much.